Welcome to the information page for the marshmallow blowgun. Here you will find all the essentials you need to know about the history, design, and use of one of these popular devices.

What it is

A marshmallow blowgun is exactly what it sounds like: a gun that blows marshmallows. By blowing on one end of the gun, you can expel mini-marshmallows (like the ones you put in hot chocolate) at great velocity. The device can be used for simple fun or, in emergency circumstances, as a non-lethal weapon for mob control.


Ever since their invention in ancient Egypt, using marshmallows as projectiles has been popular. Ancient hieroglyphics show the pharaohs of old tossing the gooey foodstuff at each other for fun.

It wasn't until the creation in the mid-1800's of the modern marshmallow, using mallow creme instead of the traditional sap (althea officinalis), that the idea of a device to project them was born. Early concepts, like the one shown at the right, were functional but not practical. Large and expensive, the original attempts at a marshmallow blowgun were difficult to aim and not very portable. For years after this, the dream of a marshmallow gun lay dormant.

The more recent production of the miniature marshmallow renewed the interest in using the foodstuff as a projectile. It didn't take long for people to start using various bodily orifices to try and propel the mini-marshmallows, most commonly from the nose (see left). These attempts revived the efforts to create a marshmallow blowgun that was light, inexpensive, and accurate. With the introduction of PVC pipe, the blowgun was finally made!


Other websites will sell you the marshmallow blowgun in various sizes and designs. If you would rather make one of your own, here are the instructions for making what many experts feel is the best marshmallow blowgun. You can also get these instructions in PDF format by clicking here.

How to use

There are three steps to using the marshmallow blowgun:

  1. Place a miniature marshmallow in the opening of the blowgun.
  2. Aim the blowgun at your target.
  3. Blow on the blowgun.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Only use miniature marshmallows as projectiles.
  • If you want the marshmallow to go further, blow harder.
  • If you have trouble blowing hard enough, take tuba lessons.
  • Make sure you insert the marshmallow only in the open end of the shorter tube.
  • Make sure you blow only on the open end of the shorter tube.
  • Do not load a marshmallow, put your mouth on the blowgun, and then take a deep breath.*
  • Do not aim marshmallows at people's faces.*
  • Do not aim marshmallows at aggressive dogs.*
  • Do not aim marshmallows at your mother.*

    *Learned from personal experience

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